La Possibilitée d'une Île (Remaster)

by Mathis Nitschke



This is a composer's edition and remaster of the Original Soundtrack to Michel Houellebecq's film 'The possibility of an island', released 2009.
The Original Soundtrack was published by MovieScoreMedia:

This audiophile remaster uses the full dynamic range of the orchestral recording and is released in original 48kHz, without any sampling rate conversion. Also the arrangement of the tracks is following more the dramaturgy of the film. This remaster contains only the orcchestral music, the additional musics can only be found on the MovieScoreMedia release.

'La possibilitée d'une Île' is a by Michel Houellebecq. Premiere was 9.8.2008 at the Locarno Film Festival.
Starring: Benoît Magimel, Patrick Bauchau, Jordi Dauder, et al.

Director and Screenplay: Michel Houellebecq
Production: Eric Altmeyer, Mandarin Cinema
Cinematography: Eric Guichard, Jeanne Lapoirie
Editing: Camille Cotte
Sounddesign: Raphael Sohier
Music: Mathis Nitschke

On the basis of his novel “The possibility of an island” this film was conceived by the writer Michel Houellebecq himself. In a process spanning several years, mostly before actual shooting, Mathis Nitschke composed this film music for orchestra, chorus, Solists and pop band.

From a review:
„Mathis Nitschke makes an impressive composing debut with this French post-apocalyptic cloning fable. If Jerry Goldsmith went for primal sounds in PLANET OF THE APES as characters wandered across a desert Forbidden Zone, then Nitschke goes for stunning orchestrations, ranging from big symphonic reveals to a solo viola, piano or harp representing one clone’s existential sadness. It’s the kind of intriguingly unique music that Europeans seem to hear more than us – a scoring debut that opens the mouth with the wonder of who the heck this guy is. Hopefully we’ll be finding out a lot more in Nitschke’s musical future, one that signifies anything but an end of days.“
By DANIEL SCHWEIGER, Soundtrack Editor, 4/27/2009


released February 1, 2017

Viola: Klaus-Peter Werani

City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir
Conductor: Miriam Nemcova
Recording Engineer: Jan Holzner @ Smečky Recording Studio
Orchestra Contractor: James Fitzpatrick

Composition, Orchestration and Mix: Mathis Nitschke
Music Assistant: Jasna Veličković



all rights reserved


Mathis Nitschke Munich, Germany

Mathis Nitschke is a conceptual artist, composer, sound designer and performer, specialising in classical music in combination with new and emerging technologies. His creative work spans the fields of composition for theatre, dance, film and television, electronic music, sound design and media arts, popular and commercial music and record production. ... more

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